Dawnmarie Gaivin - MAPS

Dawnmarie Gaivin, RN, BSN, AT-ACP

Dawnmarie Gaivin, RN, BSN AT-ACP, is a former trauma and transplant nurse with more than a decade of experience in both Boston and San Francisco teaching hospitals. In 2003, she became a mother, and by 2006, both of her children had been diagnosed with nonspeaking autism. Dawnmarie’s relentless dedication to finding effective communication methods for her boys led her to become an assistive technology specialist, a DIR/Floortime® provider, and ultimately the Founder of Spellers Center – San Diego (2017) and co-founder of the Spellers Method. In March 2021, Jamison Handley, a nonspeaker, and his dad JB wrote a book entitled “Underestimated” about their journey learning with Dawnmarie how to spell as a form of communication. In 2023, the documentary SPELLERS was released, showcasing how spelling and typing as an AAC methodology have liberated many nonspeakers from a life of silence. Dawnmarie has dedicated herself to creating access for all nonspeakers who are seeking a reliable form of communication through spelling. You can learn more about her at www.spellers.com.