Marcelo Bonanza Machado Brito - MAPS
Marcelo Bonanza Machado Brito PhD,Av. ACM, 3244, (Ed. Empresarial Thomé de Souza), Vila Brasil

Brito, Marcelo Bonanza Machado, PhD

Jovial Clinic

Av. ACM, 3244, (Ed. Empresarial Thomé de Souza), Vila Brasil
Salvador, BA 45820-480, BR

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Considered a reference in the follow-up of integrative practices, Jovial Clínica's principle is to add health and well-being to its patients with innovative methods, bringing together different treatments and nutritional monitoring, promoting the necessary care in the present day, welcoming each patient in a personalized way, treating body, mind and spirit through humanized treatments aimed at activating the central healing points.

  • Reprogramming and mental health
  • Good shape and quality of life
  • Chronic Pain Remission
  • Allergies
  • Child and adolescent health
  • Health at maturity

Type of Clients: Both