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Joyce Show MD,1808 Verdugo Blvd, Suite 206

Joyce Show, MD

Joyce Show, MD, Inc.

1808 Verdugo Blvd, Suite 206
Glendale, CA 91011, US

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Dr. Show is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and the Health Sciences and Technology program at MIT. She is board certified in internal medicine and has professional DIR certification in cognitive, social, and emotional development. Her practice is devoted to the holistic care of individuals with developmental disorders and their families. Dr. Show and her son Peter, a nonverbal typer with autism, offer regional center vendored life coaching services for health and wellness as certified life coaches and run, a community website for spellers and typers. Dr. Show has facilitated in person and zoom workshops on autism parenting, stress management, and inclusion and has authored articles in Autism Parenting as well as her book, "Teaching Your Child with Love and Skill: A Guide for Parents and Other Educators of Children with Autism, Including Moderate to Severe Autism," (2012), JKP.

  • Internal Medicine
  • Life Coaching

Type of Clients: Adults

Take Healthcare Insurance: Yes

Percentage of ASD children in our practice: over 50% autism

  • Autism
  • General Internal Medicine for ages18 years and over

Most private insurance and Medicare accepted for internal medicine visits Regional center vendored or private pay accepted for life coaching, available in person or zoom