Sandi Kreizenbeck - MAPS
Sandi Kreizenbeck N.P.,4463 Stongeridge Dr# A

Sandi Kreizenbeck, N.P.

Developmental Spectrums

4463 Stongeridge Dr# A
Pleasanton, CA 94588, US

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  • Our clinic has a play room,
  • a full supply of commonly needed nutraceutical products,
  • a comfortable in-house lab for blood draws and specialized lab processing,
  • IV therapies - including IV nutrients and IV heavy metal detoxification when needed,
  • in-house and rental Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy,
  • Far-IR Sauna and Biomat therapy,
  • and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

  • All developmental delays and special needs issues. Common medical problems that we diagnose and treat include: heavy metal and chemical toxins, underlying infections (such as viruses, Lyme, yeast, mold, etc.), autoimmunity (including PANS and PANDAS, etc.) inflammation, oxidative stress, poor methylation, food intolerances, bowel disorders, nutritional deficiencies, and more.

Developmental Spectrums is an Integrative medicine practice. We assess each patient for the underlying health problems that could be contributing to their symptoms.