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Daniel Brannigan Chiropractor,836 57th Street # 200

Daniel Brannigan, Chiropractor

Brannigan Health Center

836 57th Street # 200
Sacramento, CA 95819, US

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I am a chiropractor that has changed its focus to functional medicine and wants to specialize in the autistic community.

  • I practice functional neurology and quantum neurology as a chiropractor and I utilize field control therapy when working with chronic conditions like PANDAS / PANS and autism.

Type of Clients: Both

Take Healthcare Insurance: No

Percentage of ASD children in our practice: right now 100 percent of kids I am working with have ASD.

  • Autism, PANDAS / PANS, infertility, IBS, Ovarian cyst, MS, Parkinson's, RA, diabetes and other chronic health conditions.

I have a functional medicine style of practice that utilizes bio resonance as a method of treatment. I also treat patients using brain based therapy and a chiropractor. The idea is to clean up the terrain and then activate the nervous system. I find that this system works very well in that your finding the root cause of the nervous system's interference and then activating the nervous system from that point. I am getting excellent results with the non verbal autistic community.