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Lindsey Wells, ND

Lindsey Wells ND, LLC

3 Hollynock Lane
Wilton, CT 06897, US

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Dr. Lindsey Wells is a naturopathic physician. Dr. Wells has focused her practice on pediatric primary care and consultative care for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), PANS/PANDAS, other neurodevelopmental disorders, and various chronic illnesses. In addition, Dr. Wells focuses on preconception and maternal health. As chronic illness among the pediatric population is rising, her goal is to treat mothers before and after conception as a preventative measure to nurture healthy children. She uses therapies including homeopathy, botanical medicine, nutraceuticals, nutrition, counseling, and water therapy. This model of care addresses biochemical, nutritional, and energetic needs of each patient to improve overall health.

  • Botanical Medicine
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutrition

Type of Clients: Both

Take Healthcare Insurance: No

  • ASD, PANS/PANDAS, Lyme, Autoimmune Disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Pediatric and Family Medicine