Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D. – MedMAPS
Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D. Ph.D (Chemistry, MIT); Toxicology & Nutrition (Harvard School of Public Health); Industrial Hygiene (U. Mass Amherst),214 FIVE POINT DRIVE

Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D., Ph.D (Chemistry, MIT); Toxicology & Nutrition (Harvard School of Public Health); Industrial Hygiene (U. Mass Amherst)

Health Revival Partners

Talbott, TN 37877, US

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Our specialty at HRP transcends all ages with emphasis on: 1. Evidence-based laboratory interpretation with focus on smoldering chronic conditions. 2. Hierarchy of Health - a systems approach to solve complex health problems 3. Mechanisms of Disease - we simplify the 68,000 diagnostic codes to 5 major mechanisms 4. Health-Disease Continuum. Our analytics place people on both an objective and subjective risk scale that is a guide to health optimization.

  • Risk testing
  • Lab testing (traditional and functional)
  • virtual consults
  • bricks and mortar partners for specialty interventions
  • education - weekly webinars and new channel on health mom / health child on CHD

Type of Clients: Both

Take Healthcare Insurance: No

Percentage of ASD children in our practice: Low - we have not marketed to this group.

  • Core competency: Brain and eye health. I am a co-author on a text book on alzheimer's and neurodegenerative conditions.
  • We have developed a robust protocol to rehabilitate gut
  • We also focus on sub-acute infectious species with focus on bacteria and viruses - but also perform treatment on mold and parasites
  • Another area of focus is on the measurement and repair of the capillary bed / vasa vasorum

On line DTC practice and corporate wellness offering. 95+ percent of consults are virtual. We cover the globe and have a national lab account.