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Kauser Sharieff, O.D. Fcovd  Fnura-Medmaps

Kauser Sharieff, O.D. Fcovd Fnura

Vision Performance Optometric Center

2141, W. Orangewood Ave. Suite B
Orange, California 92868

Tel: 714-937-3937
Services We Provide
  • Treatment is provided visual spatial,
  • visual information processing skills including eye turns,
  • depth perception, eye-hand co-ordination,
  • eye contact & tracking, focusing.
  • Also offered a foundational multi-sensory therapy (sensory learning program) that simultaneously stimulates the visual,
  • vestibular and auditory sensory systems into one integration allowing individuals to better integrate sensory messages for developmental learning.


Critical Visual-spatial and visual information processing skills are offered to improve academics, social skills, communication and motor-coordination for all individuals regardless of age or disability.


The centers offer therapy for visual spatial development, binocular vision disorders, brain injury rehabilitation and visual therapy for special needs population. Therapy is offered for children and adults, a non-surgical and non invasive method of improving how the brain co-ordinates the eyes, gathers visual information and uses, and manipulates this information for effective learning and life skills.