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Dr. Pierre Marois

Dr Pierre Marois is a pediatric physiatrist working at Ste-Justine University Hospital (Montreal) as well as in many rehabilitation centers in the province of Quebec.
He completed his medical studies at Montreal University, and then specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He completed a fellowship in pediatric rehabilitation at the University of Karolinska, Sweden, at the University of Palo Alto, California, at the University of Minneapolis (Minnesota), at the Rancho Los Amigos Center (Los Angeles) and at the Toronto Sick Children Hospital.

He is responsible for the treatment of 1,500 children with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. He has put together, and directed since 1982, the first dorsal rhizotomy clinic for the treatment of cerebral palsy in North America. He is actively involved in researches and in the development of techniques for the treatment of handicapped children. He initiated the three Canadian studies using hyperbaric oxygen therapy on children having cerebral palsy, and worked in close collaboration with Dr. Mukherjee in the last UDAAN study, completed in India. He was involved in the publication of many papers and letters and has lectured in international meetings on the subject of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in neurological conditions.