Cindy Schneider - MAPS

Cindy Schneider, MD, FMAPS

Dr. Schneider is the Medical Director of CARE, the Center for Autism Research and Education. Her integrative medical practice is exclusively dedicated to individuals with autism and related neurological and immune disorders. Dr. Schneider’s areas of special interest include treatment of the immune, gastrointestinal, and metabolic aspects of autism and the identification of environmental toxins contributing to the autism epidemic. She has designed and implemented multiple research studies and collaborated with researchers worldwide.

Dr. Schneider is a unique healthcare provider who has established a reputation for responsible and effective management of patients who have not found relief through conventional treatment. She takes a functional medical approach to a variety of complex conditions including autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, Tourette’s, tic disorders, and Down syndrome. Her emphasis is on optimizing each patient’s nutritional status and insuring that key metabolic pathways are supported when necessary.

Dr. Schneider obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Illinois. She then completed both medical school and a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and practiced obstetrics and gynecology from 1990-1998. This background provided a comprehensive understanding and appreciate of fetal development and the dangers posed by environmental toxins, viral infections, and nutritional deficiencies. Her interest in nutrition, immunology, genetics, and toxicology is now applied to her general practice. As a physician, researcher, and mother of two children with autism, Dr. Schneider offers both a professional and personal assessment of current and promising treatment options.