Heather Way, PhD

Dr Heather Way completed her PhD in molecular pathology and master’s qualification in molecular physiology at the University of Queensland and Bachelor of applied Science at Queensland University of Technology. Dr Way is in the unique position of being an Autism researcher, Clinician and Mum (to now fully recovered adult sons). It was the diagnosis of ASD and ADHD for her sons that led her to repurpose her skillset, over a decade ago, to the field of autism genomics. Dr Way is the Founder, Director, and Head of Research for The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis (TACGA). The clinic specialises in genomics solutions for neurodevelopmental issues such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, OCD, digestive issues, food allergies, chronic infections including mold and PANS/PANDAS and works primarily with children. Dr Way has contributed to the development of microbiome sequencing and nutrigenomic tools specifically targeted to help those with neurodevelopmental disorders to reach their full potential.