Julie Logan, DC

Dr. Julie Logan DC practices with Dr. Anju Usman Singh at True Health Medical Center in Naperville, IL. She received her physician’s degree from National University of Health Sciences. She is a fully MAPS trained and mentored physician who specializes in working with children with the symptoms of Autism, ADD/HD, PANDAS/PANS, food sensitivities, thyroid problems, methylation defects, GI issues, allergies, and environmental illnesses. She has deeply studied complex medical conditions affecting both children and adults, like SIBO, IBS, CIRS. Lyme disease and mold-related illness.

She applies biomedical, functional nutritional and genetic principles of restoring optimal health to her patients. She has successfully battled some of these conditions and problems in her own health as well as resolving the symptoms of autism in one of her own children. This has given her a heart to help others who are suffering from the same.