Krishna Doniparthi, MD

Dr. Doniparthi, MD, is a physician specializing in fatty acids and phospholipids for cellular repair and regeneration. He practices functional medicine in Alpharetta, GA, focusing on biological substrates for cellular detoxification to help children and adults with complex medical conditions due to epigenetic changes.

Dr. Doniparthi’s clinical treatments for Long-COVID, vaccine injury, mold/fungus infections, neurological disorders, and other intricate medical conditions have helped restore health for hundreds of patients. His primary research focuses on applying phospholipid therapy in pre-conception medicine and its potential effect on spectrum disorder, cancer, and genetic/epigenetic predispositions.

DNAcademy is a conduit to share Dr. Doniparthi’s clinical experience and research to help facilitate medicine in an uncertain time. The health of our society is deteriorating at a concerning pace. The antidote to this out-of-control sickness and disease is to build an army of healthcare providers that work together to pursue health for every person in our community. True health is the goal of DNA; to communicate and collaborate with the best minds and the most courageous hearts in the world to restore God intended health to humanity.