Faq - MAPS
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The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) program has been developed by leading physicians, scientists, researchers and experts in the area of pediatric special needs, environmental medicine, GI issues, pediatrics, neurological disorders, genetics, nutrition and mitochondrial dysfunction, as well as other related fields.

Answering the call of both parents seeking qualified genetics care for their special needs children and doctors seeking further education in the field, we have come together to provide comprehensive education and fellowship of medical professionals for the treatment of children with Neuro-developemental disorders and related chronic complex conditions associated with autism spectrum disorders.

The first of its kind, the MAPS Fellowship Program is a systematic pediatric CME program designed to prepare a medical professional to deliver the best possible care to children in distress. MAPS focuses on key areas:

1 Training & Education
3 Practice Management
4 Patient management
The MAPS program:
    • Provides scientific evidence-based, systematic, multi- level educational program
    • Addresses a range of conditions and their treatments
    • Vets the pros and cons of various therapies and emerging research
    • Primes a practitioner with an intensive area of medical study for pediatric neuro-developmental disorders
  • Offers courses ranging from pediatric conditions and advanced immunological dysfunctions

MAPS members may participate in our unique and revolutionary conferences that includes education and access to our clinician directory and other benefits.

Fellowship candidates must complete six Advanced Clinical Matrices(ACM). All must be completed at MAPS conferences. Then candidates will be mentored by MAPS-Mentors.

Please utilize our clinician directory by clicking www.medmaps.org/clinician-directory. Please note that MAPS does not facilitate connections between individuals and clinicians. It is the responsibility of the individual to contact the practice directly and make all necessary arrangements.

In the emerging field of Neuro-developmental disorders, medical professionals are often under-equipped to deal with these children’s special needs. The level of mastery that MAPS Fellows achieve in the field of complex pediatric conditions places them among the best-prepared practitioners.

Parents request MAPS providers:
  • Because their children will see well-versed medical professionals.
  • Because MAPS’ commitment to training and mentoring works to ensure consistent, quality treatment.
  • Because MAPS providers are required to maintain CME and educational or membership/fellowship requirements