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ASCEND One-Day Summit 2024

ASCEND One-Day Summit 2024, a gathering dedicated to Autism support through Care, Education, Neurodiverse Employment, and Development (ASCEND).

The one-day event will bring together prominent speakers and thought leaders who bring expertise, passion, and dedication to advancing the understanding and support of individuals on the autism spectrum. Here are the guest speakers and panel topics for reference:

Raun Kaufman: “Safe to Connect: The Key to Relationship, Emotional Regulation & Understanding The 3 Autism Neuro-States”

Dr. Richard Boles: “Genetic Autism in Testing”

Yichien Su: “Primary Reflexes & Communication Development”

Shannon Zish: “Letter Board Communication”

Dr. Sonia McGowin: “Oral Restrictions & Their Impact on Brain, Motor, & Speech Development”

Katya Sverdlov: “Photomodulation and Autism”

Join us as we explore cutting-edge approaches, foster collaboration, and empower individuals and families to thrive on their unique journeys. For more information, please visit the event website at