Mentorship Application – MedMAPS
Mentee Inquiry

If you are interested in becoming a Mentee for the MAPS Fellowship Program, please fill out the form below.

  • Once your application has been received and your 10 hours of mentorship has been scheduled with your MAPS Faculty Mentor you will be asked to submit payment through the link below:

    This payment of $2500.00 will cover the cost of all MAPS administrative fees as well as payment to the MAPS Faculty Mentor. This fee does not include any travel cost or additional fees that may accrue if the Mentee chooses to host the Mentor at their practice or clinic.

  • Once MAPS receives your payment, Mentorship paperwork will be sent to both the Mentor and the Mentee via email. Both parties are asked to sign and date the paperwork and return it as soon as possible.

  • Once your Mentorship is complete the Mentor will notify MAPS and your certificate will be sent to you. This certificate grants you the use of the MAPS Fellow credential (FMAPS). The credentials of FMAPS does not constitute a partnership or affiliation with your Mentor post mentorship.

    Also, please note that to maintain your Fellowship status you must keep and active MAPS Membership and continue to attend one in person conference a year.

    Thank you again for your dedication to the MAPS community and the families it serves. If you have any questions please reach out to either or